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IMG MGMT: V-Dub’s New Bug Commercial

by Gunnar Heinrich ::: YouTube ::: 2012 Beetle High Five Commercial

HAVING unveiled the 2012 Beetle earlier this spring in pointed ceremonies in Berlin, New York, and Shanghai, Volkswagen has now brought out the welcome mat for US customers to come ‘n buy. And unlike the return of flower-power message in ’99, to fit the image of the new, squarer-jawed Bug, they had to tailor their pitch.

So in this spot, we see a Beetle in jet black. It’s driven by a twenty-something guy with a five o’clock shadow. We hear a V.O. announcement read by a guy of the same demo. We see shots of fairly manly connotations: hot girl admiring from other car, turbo badge on rear, cops and laborers going about the day’s business, pack of cyclists, and, of course, man’s best friend @ 00:30.

Set to the vintage jingle, the ad manages to be just cute enough to still appeal to the ladies. Nice balance, VW pitch team.