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BMW Keeps Cooler Than Owner in Texas Heat

bmw-5-series-instrumentationstaying cool…

By Gunnar Heinrich | IMG via iPhone by Hugh

FILE this under random, but worthy.

My good friend Hugh, who calls the great state of Texas home, posted this snapshot of the instrument gauges on his E39 generation 5-Series sedan on Facebook. He also tagged it with choice commentary which we’ll touch on shortly.

There are many good aspects to note in this simple picture that reaffirms BMW’s icon status as a car company devoted to sound engineering practices.

Consider, for example, the red gauges. They’re colored this way to match the tailights of the world’s cars at night; helping to prevent driver distraction by limiting color contrast within the driver’s line of site.

And then there’s the enviable lack of hazard and vehicle malfunction lights. I write “enviable” because this 90’s sedan has 105,715 miles on the clock. With such use, that’s more than can be said for certain other new midsize luxury sedans from Germany.

Finally, there’s the fact that this half-way-to-classic Teuton is running true in 101 degree weather.

Don’t mess with Texas.