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Vintage Bond: DB5 v. F355 Chase

by Gunnar Heinrich ::: YouTube ::: Golden Eye Aston Martin v. Ferrari F355

LOOKING back on Bond movies of the Pierce Brosnan era, the production values now seem a little cheesy. That doesn’t stop us from enjoying a good car chase through the South of France, though.


Classic Beauty: BMW Z8

by Gunnar Heinrich ::: BMW Z8

BMW has sold a few oxbow-lake designs in its time.

The Z8 and the Z1 come right to the top of the list as Bimmers that could’ve been developed further or integrated better or marketed more but were considered too retro or too odd or too much of an already good thing.

Sure, you can see the Z8’s DNA in the wonderful new Z4, but the retro Z8 of the late 90s/ early 00s has been written off like the former thrill of watching a Pierce Brosnan Bond flick. Been there. Done that. That world just isn’t enough.

Our attention and expectations have been diverted to Daniel Craig’s edgier action-jackson Bond in recent years. Much like the relative shock ‘n awe of BMW’s current, beefier lineup. Chalk it up to the inexorable march of time, perhaps. All things change. But I think those classic lines of the BMW Z8 deserve a little more thought. A little more consideration and appreciation.

In an age of the graceless wedge, one design team penned a roadster that dared to be, should I say it? Classic. The Z8 cut it as a BMW boulevardier in a true Dolce Vita sense. In a way, that appeal is timeless. As are the rare Z8’s prices as the roadsters have seen little in the way of depreciation over the past decade – buy-it-now prices are as high as $125K which is near the Z8’s original MSRP.

Sometimes, ox-bow lakes have their virtues.