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Maserati Dream Garage Runs Foul of LA Neighbors

schubert brentwood garageBy Gunnar Heinrich

SEEMS like yours was wrong on two counts:

1st, that the winning owner/architect of the Maserati/Architectural Digest dream garage competition parked a Porsche Boxster as his own car in his minimalist space.

In point of fact, the architect chose a grey Ferrari 512 Boxer as the ride to display in his bridge connected garage/gallery.

2nd, that greater LA would embrace the concept of a bridge connected garage/living room/art gallery  with scenic overlook of Brentwood below. Quite wrong, in point of fact.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

“City planners have withdrawn permission for Schubert to use a bridge to connect his Ferrari’s third-floor resting spot with North Tigertail Road.

Neighbors complained about the bridge, alleging that the city erroneously approved its construction to create both a safety hazard and a development precedent that could degrade hillside neighborhoods throughout the city.”

Considering that the City planners previously approved the $1.5 million design, this retraction and ensuing uproar smells more rotten than a  fleet of heated cats.

Thanks, J.W.!