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In Motion: Rolls-Royce Ghost

By Gunnar Heinrich | YouTube

DESIGNED to impress.

But not boast.

In this promotional video, entirely devoid of comment or ambient sound, but treated with electric guitar strains, we’re given visual clues – or cues – as to the new Rolls-Royce Ghost’s character… charm, wit, and the rest.

It looks the part of a remarkable motor car. The camera and post work is impressive: flowing gracefully low to high, from one street corner to the next, from inside to outside to inside again, and then jarring between shots as if to prove that the subject’s modern and edgy.

We see people, but they do not turn to stare at the newest Rolls-Royce. Instead, we’re given to infer that they are paying attention – peripherally.

Again, the Ghost impresses without boasting.

That said, the Ghost is taking Rolls tradition and shaking it by the scruff of its lambswool neck. Out with the staid, and any references to “silver cars” certainly, and in with the fresh new direction set for by Ian Callum & Co.

The Baby Rolls looks even better in motion.