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On BMW’s Outstanding E32 7-Series

by Gunnar Heinrich ::: YouTube ::: img Sara (1997) via IMCDB ::: BMW e32 7 Series

PRECIOUS little’s written of the BMW e32 7-Series (1986-1994).

What’s online, generally, is content posted by owners that enthusiastically showcase their 735i’s aftermarket performance mods or 750iL’s 0-60 time on YouTube. Fine ‘n dandy, but none of these casual entries really do justice to the vintage e32 7er – a sharp, powerfully understated sedan with true Continental swagger.

Truth is – BMW’s e32 stands as one of the best model lines ever to roll off the line at Dingolfing.

When the second generation 7er debuted in 1986, the über-saloon launched the Roundel well into the 90s with pioneering technology and engineering that set the benchmark for performance in the luxury sedan market.

An ungoverned 750i/iL could sail past Mercedes’ 560SEL to 185 mph. At the time, that was no small feat.

Auto, Motor und Sport via

Catch is – the e32 started the industry trend towards a heavy reliance on electronics that’s hurt the model’s longevity. Good, functioning examples of  735i/iL, 740i/iL,  and certainly 750iLs are increasingly rare due to high running costs. In particular, repairs of the 750iL’s 5.0 Liter, 300 horsepower V12, Germany’s first automotive 12 cylinder engine since the Weimar, are notorious for being Jaguar-involved and costly.

Still, sterling examples expertly showcase Bavarian road-going finesse and classic Teutonic taste. All the more reason that more should be written on the great e32.


BMW 740i Battered But Brilliant In “Ambush”

By Gunnar Heinrich | YouTube

DERIVING an odd pleasure from watching one of my all-time favorite cars – the e38 generation BMW 7-Series – receive punishing treatment through the course of an uncaring production, I thought I’d share  with you this action short from the BMW Films collection.

Ambush, directed by John Frankenheimer, features Clive Owen as a cool tempered driver and Tomas Milian as a frightened passenger (Mr. Milian played General Salazar in Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic) in a low-on-plot chase thriller that’s set in a series of anonymous locales.

Not quite as epic as Guy Ritchie’s M5 flick, Star, Frankenheimer does this piece an adequate justice. For the car’s part, the 740i’s performance shines. The last of the great sharks.