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Bentley Wishes You A Happy Chinese New Year

by Gunnar Heinrich ::: img Bentley Motors ::: Bentley Continental GT and the Chinese New Year

CHALK it up to a sign of the times. Bentley honored its Chinese patrons (the PRC is Bentley’s fastest flourishing market) with an artful display on its webpage heralding the Chinese New Year.  The above image  is that of a striking, signal red (rouge for prosperity) or “Dragon Red” (as Bentley’s marketed the new color) Continental GT set off by tall rims with red B-logo center caps. And as you might’ve guessed by the depiction, 2012 is the year of the dragon. Incidentally, the BBC asked a Feng Shui expert to prophesize  what the significance of the dragon means for the world and the global economy. Apparently there’s to be an upturn ahead for the American market.  Does this mean Bentley will have a red, white, and blue edition in time for the Fourth of July?

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