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When There’s Benz and BMW, Why Buy Audi?

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By Gunnar Heinrich

SO, you’ve watched the recent Olympics and Super Bowl adverts.

You’ve taken note of other postings paying  homage to the Audi Quattro brand’s 30th year in business and studied all those vintage rally pics with enthusiasm. And you’ve taken better note of a spanking new Q5 on the highway and that old, pimped-out A6  that parks near your car in the garage day in and day out.

Now, with all this increase in “brand awareness” floating through your (and the public) conscious, let’s ask a fairly basic question:

What’s the point to driving an Audi?

Since time immemorial, Audi’s pitch to Americans has hinged on two facets: we’ve got all-wheel drive and understatement. These days,  consumers might furtively ask: AND?

Yes, the automotive market needs variety, but is Audi really the answer? What is special about putting down for another German car sold at Mercedes or BMW prices that offers less than its rivals?

Less prestige, less comfort, less longevity, and less fun.

Truth is, all the major car manufacturers are now offering all-wheel drive options across their entire lineups. And each car maker sells models that vary dynamically between the exciting and the low key – that’s why Mercedes offers the  SLS AMG “Gullwing” alongside the E-Class wagon.

If Audi is to remain a viable player, Ingolstadt needs to cleave a new and more convincing facets to compete against the rivals it claims to surpass.


Review: “The Chase” by Audi

progress-is-beautifulBy Gunnar Heinrich

THE CHASE.Did it live up to the hype?

Nah. It’s the kind of simple comparative statement that registers back to the old my saber-tooth bearcat can beat your woolly elephant bird argument.

It’s fun, but unconvincing.