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Re: The DB5…Not An Advertisement, But Pretty True

DB5 parody

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Audi versus… A4 Advert Showcases Rivals

By Gunnar Heinrich :: YouTube

GOT to hand it to ’em, Audi has some cheek.

Aside from Hyundai and GM which only use vague verbal or written references to their competition, Audi actually let us a visualize its marketplace rivals by showcasing their models stacked against the other guys.

In this particular advert, the Audi A4 squares off against the Lexus IS, Mercedes C-Class, and BMW 3-Series. Apparently, the A4 claims to be bigger and more fuel efficient than any of its contemporaries.

It doesn’t hurt that we can differentiate the two by noticing the Audi in diamond black and the rest trimmed in a grey-ish beige.

This spot reminds us of another rivalry that was recently exploited for one side’s publicity efforts…


Pitch Perfect: Lexus Passionate Pursuit Commercial


By Gunnar Heinrich | IMG Passionate Pursuit by Lexus

MARK JOGGERST is a musician, a composer, an artist.

His music tends to be tranquil, pensive, deeply reflective and good for those moments when you’re feeling especially spiritual. In short, he provides the perfect material for a pithy commercial.

Perhaps it was only happenstance that Lexus’ people should choose a German national –¬†Herr Joggerst was born in Germany though he did earn his musical stripes at Berklee – to compose the gentle piano piece that times out perfectly with the commercial spot that introduced the LS460 to American TV audiences.

If you were to think of what the first purpose of a Lexus should be, it narrows to providing the most serene environment possible in which a driver and passengers can transport themselves from A to B.

What you see in the following video is an advert that with Herr Joggerst’s music and imagery manages to capture the character of the product -perfectly.