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Fat Cat Just Got Fatter


By Gunnar Heinrich

BUT not necessarily heavier.

The 2010 Jaguar XJ saloon has grown in size – the long wheelbase XJ overshadowing more asphalt than the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7-Series.

Space being an issue in previous generation XJ saloons (as fair as they were), wisely, Jaguar execs went for the gold by designing a executive transport carriage that was as big or bigger than the competition – but – and this is key, lighter thanks to using aluminum.

A quick ‘n dirty comparo:

Mercedes-Benz S-Class LWB v. Jaguar XJ LWB

Length: MB 205″ / Jag 206.6″

Width: MB  73.7″ / Jag 74.6″

Height: MB 58″ / Jag 57″

Wheelbase: MB 124.6″ / Jag 124.3″

Trunk space: MB 16.3 cu. ft. / Jag 18.4 cu. ft.

Weight: S600 4,872 lbs / Jag 5.0L V8 LWB 4,223 lbs

That having been said, the 2010 XJ is both larger in dimension and heavier (thanks to a new bevvy of technology)  than every Jaguar that proceeded it – inclusive of the MK sedans in the 50s and 60s.


More XJ Buzz: Jag’s Next Gen. Aluminum

jaguar-xj-aluminum-frameAluminum (Aluminium) Framed Jaguar. You say potato, I say potatoe.

By Gunnar Heinrich | IMG via Jaguar Cars

ARE we approaching the era of the throw-away car?

Perhaps, if we consider how auto makers like Volvo, Porsche, and, now, Jaguar are boning up on their “green” credentials and advising would-be buyers that their cars are now more eco-friendly by being XY% recyclable.

In the next XJ flagship’s case, 85% recyclable à cause de l’ ubiquitous use of aluminum (or aah-luu-mih-nee-yum – if you’re on Britain’s side of the Pond).

One wonders how recyclable the current gen. XJ is, considering that it, too, is made of aluminum.

Perish the thought that one would want to throw away one’s Jag.

But judging by the sheer quantity of old XJs now in various stages of rusting decay in used car lots and junk yards this world over, it’s probably a sound idea that the folks at Jaguar consider the green nature of their future products.

There’s more to know in this buzzing run up to the ninth of July XJ premiere: Jaguar asserts that the very litheness of the metal by which the new cat is hewn is to better insure a nimble pace and frugal taste for all premium ranges petroleum.