Rolls Ghost In Luscious Claret

by Gunnar Heinrich ::: img via eBay ::: 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost

JUDGING from a brief tour behind the helm of one Ghost back in 2010, I found myself to be a fan. It’s a posh, plush, thoroughly modern chariot. That having been said, I’m not sure that I’m thrice the fan of the Ghost than I am the F01 generation BMW 750Li. But a lot can change in a year. Namely the price…

Despite posing as different cars, the 7er and the Ghost do share many things but the Ghost retails at $270K+ and the 750Li starts at a decidedly more meritocratic $88K.

One year on and 6K on the odometer has taken bite out of the original tag for a M.Y. 2010 Ghost. A Peach State seller is asking $219K for the above Ghost in “lucious claret” [sic].

Hmmm… is a one year old Ghost roughly 2.5 times as likable as a new big 7?

We’re getting closer.


September 16, 2011

About the Author: Gunnar Heinrich is publisher of Automobiles De Luxe online and is executive producer of the Automobiles De Luxe Television series on PBS member station CPTV.

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