Poseur Ready: ’09 AMG Sports Packages on S and CL


Witness the “striking sportiness” of the 2009 CL-Class with AMG Sports package

By Gunnar Heinrich

BENZ seems to be playing the modest card with this latest bit of product news.

The latest (and greatest?) CL550 and S550 will now come with the option of upgraded, uprated, and well, updated AMG Sports packages – featuring thin spoked, 19″ tall alloy rims, aerodynamic body “aprons” and larger drilled brake discsĀ  among other little bits of AMG flair inside and out that signal you’re ready to rip past all those juvenile delinquents in their Mustangs, TSXs, and WRXs.


But, the delinquents likely won’t notice the implied threat because this latest AMG package speaks in soft tones. Compared to an actual CL65 AMG with honking great scoops, aprons, exhausts, and wheels, this AMG themed sport package look rather restrained, understated even.

It’s a kind of a funny half step towards sportingness – like wearing a suit sans tie and pocket square but with the top button still buttoned up tight. And instead of lace up captoes, it’s a flashy pair of Nikes. In other words, the package looks so wrong … expressly built for the poseur, one might say.

2009-mercedes-s-amg-autodeluxeInterestingly, the coupe doesn’t get the new LED treatment that the S-Class sedan now sports in its front air intakes and headlights. Curious, that.

Since every CL, S, SEC, SLC coupe (can we just call it an S-Class coupe already?) since the 70s has featured separate bumper mounted foglamps, perhaps its wise that Mercedes carries on tradition. No problem with the sedan, however, as the oval foglamps of the previous sport package seemed like chotchka after thought.

mercedes-old-clclass-amg-autodeluxeThe old AMG Sports packages

So what, exactly is different from the last AMG poseur kit? Just subtle changes, really. The most noticeable change is that the “mouths” of both S and CL-Class cars are stretched a little less agape with the outer most corners redrawn to be more angular and in slightly better proportion with each car’s respective headlights and grille.

mercedes-sclass-amg-autodeluxeSame goes for the rear – which now have better sculpted flanks with clearly rectangular tailpipes. Nothing too extreme – but just different enough from the classic S-Class and CL-Class.

Low key, really. We’ll have to wait to see what brutality RENNTECH and Brabus bring to the ’09 models.

April 15, 2009

About the Author: Gunnar Heinrich is publisher of Automobiles De Luxe online and is executive producer of the Automobiles De Luxe Television series on PBS member station CPTV.

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