Only One Car That’ll Do: Pink Cadillac

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By Gunnar Heinrich | IMG via IMCDB


The Boss is playin’ as I write. His wailin’s managed to clear out wildlife for a mile. Maybe more.

If you’re in an audio-safe zone, rock with me as you read.

Bruce Springsteen – Pink Cadillac

Now, you may think I’m foolin’, but there’s really no replacing Cadillac. There’s no Japanese, German, or Italian translation. No Honda Valkyre to its Harley. Heck, there’s no American equivalent, either.

Lincoln? C’mon.

At Lincoln’s best – the 60’s Continental – the original “L” marque was an ultra-serious, minimalist zig to the Caddy’s rocket-shipped zag. It’s as if those mean lines were a stern apology for that out-of-control party over at GM.

God bless Mister Earl and his rocket ship fantasies.

cadillac biarritz

Any of the large ‘n in-charge designer’s issue from the 50s thru to the mid 60s were the rolling image of America on wheels. Cadillac was part of brand USA’s A-Team like Coca Cola, Mickey Mouse, and General Electric.

Back when chrome was metal and gas was -gag- leaded…

To hell with brands. What about larger-than-life icons?

Marylin Monroe. Ronald Reagan. Elvis. Sunny. Optimistic. Larger-than-life. Universal.

Goddamm beautiful.

Anyway, Cadillac was something more than A-to-B transportation. Something past playing catch-up with ze Germans. Something above the blue. Those rocket fins were fitted just to take off with our imagination.

What about Cadillac today? The 2010 SRX seems a little weak. And the DTS is a cop-out for “tradition”, a rental car long overdue for retirement.

Still, Cadillac could still rebound. The CTS-V is thunder, Heaven sent. The Escalades still espouse true Cadillac excess.

If MoTown’s top brass had, well, the brass to build it, they’d take the CTS-V’s throttle, the Escalade’s size , and all the heavy metal and cow hide that made an old Biarritz worth more than a Silver Cloud and show the world a true, honkin’ Caddy, two door and four door.

Did someone say Sixteen??

Hell, it doesn’t even have to corner. Just be big, beautiful, and unashamed at being, well, a Cadillac. And nothing else.

As for such an enormous, luxurious barge’s place in the great automotive market, well, here’s how it’d fit:

Now some folks say it’s too big
And uses too much gas
Some folks say it’s too old
And that it goes too fast
But my love is bigger than a Honda
It’s bigger than a Subaru
Hey man there’s only one thing
And one car that will do
Anyway we don’t have to drive it
Honey we can park it out in back
And have a party in your pink Cadillac

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November 17, 2009

About the Author: Gunnar Heinrich is publisher of Automobiles De Luxe online and is executive producer of the Automobiles De Luxe Television series on PBS member station CPTV.

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