On Top of LA In A BMW 1M Coupe

by Gunnar Heinrich ::: YouTube ::: 1er M Coupe Stunt Video

ATOP the US Bank tower in downtown LA, you can on a clear day see for miles. Then the smog sets in. But even with air pollution you can still see straight to the bottom – 1,018 feet below. Which makes this stunt – if in fact this happened and isn’t some CG magic trick – death defying to say the least. And an underwriter’s worst nightmare. Needless to say, a helmet (as many YouTube commentators noted) won’t help the driver if he pilots the 1M Coupe off the helipad.

July 20, 2011

About the Author: Gunnar Heinrich is publisher of Automobiles De Luxe online and is executive producer of the Automobiles De Luxe Television series on PBS member station CPTV.

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