Maserati GTC: Personality First. Then Beauty

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2010 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible

By Gunnar Heinrich

YOU don’t buy a Maserati based on looks alone. Not since the Ghibli, anyway.

To illustrate the point: ever see that abysmal 2001 romantic comedy America’s Sweethearts?

Great cast. Bland premise. In the Cindarella-esque film starring Julia Roberts; Ms. Roberts plays a heavyset, dog’s-errand for her high maintenance celeb sister played, fittingly, by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

americas sweethearts

Needless to say, Ms. Roberts’ character gets fed up with her lot, drops the weight, loses the glasses, and creates whole new look and life’s vision for herself – while maintaing a down-to-Earth demeanor so as to retain the audience’s affection for that lovably sincere character which Ms. Roberts plays effortlessly.

If we were to assign car companies to adopt either role, Maserati would reflect Julia Roberts’ character whereas Ferrari would be the obvious Zeta-Jones stand-in. As in the movie, Maserati in life plays second fiddle to the Dolce Vita Ferrari, and that’s somewhat of a shame.

There’s great cause to love the Trident.

The beauty of a Maserati, in this case the $135,800 GranTurismo Convertible, is looking past the sometimes quirky Italian GT aesthetic and embracing the package in total.

Maserati is luxury + sport. Beautiful in both personality and bodacious curvature. Think of those thick Italian hides coddling you comfortably while experiencing the pleasure that each stab of the avanti pedal elicits from the sonorous Ferrari-sourced V8.

Just enough creature comforts, technological goodies, and de-tuning to separate the 2+2 high-speed tourer from hard edge performance; to mention nothing of “Sky-hook” adaptive road dampening…

In this great automotive world, the Maserati GTC represents the smarter alternative to the usual suspects. And that’s sexy.

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January 20, 2010

About the Author: Gunnar Heinrich is publisher of Automobiles De Luxe online and is executive producer of the Automobiles De Luxe Television series on PBS member station CPTV.

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