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Ferrari 288 GTO Truths

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Ferrari’s Best, Today


Alonso Lapping LaFerrari


Rosse e Giallo : The F50 Faceoff

Ugh… stone chips!


Roll Camera: The Production Behind The Production of LaFerrari


Ciao, LaFerrari!


…And Don’t Spare The Horse(s)!


SupercarRoadTrips in Newport

FORTYexotics of considerable pedigree with accompanying entourage of collectors and enthusiasts. Six thousands of United States dollars raised for the Boys & Girls Club of Newport.  One rally from the green lawns of Oceancliff in Newport, through the rolling hills of Portsmouth, cross Mt Hope Bay to the western edge of Cape Cod’s arm, concluding at Little Compton. This Sunday last marked another grand parade of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and Porsches, Nissan GT-Rs, Acura NSXs, Lotus Esprits, and – yes – even a Plymouth Prowler; hosted by Supercarroadtrips. You may recall that Supercarroadtrips is the very same rally group that tantalized gamers at North America’s largest casino in 2009 and 2010. Considering the splendor of the surroundings and the glorious afternoon, their latest Rhode Island rally managed to top previous efforts.

It was a day to be on the water…

If by land, however, a Lamborghini would do very nicely. There numbered nine – which might account for five percent of New England’s total population of raging bulls.

Porsche function following Ferrari curves following Lambo edge.

Under azure skies…

In ebullient mood, Manolis Christo, Supercarroadtrips founder and maître de cérémonie instructs participants to stop their engines. Then start them.

Of the Ferraris in attendance, four were 458 Italias. In the flesh, as in pictures, the Italia proves to be the sexiest Ferrari since the F355.

A  McLaren Greenwich rep showcased the MP4-12C. Not possessing quite the same swagger as the old F1, McLaren’s silver winged exotic still proved popular.

Outliers: apart from the dazzling array of Ferraris and Lamborghinis, a Porsche 928S and Bentley Azure. Both won many compliments from attendees…

…as did the Mercedes AMG SLS and one brilliant red W198 II 300SL.

In so much that the postwar roadster stands as one of the world’s original supercars, its presence was perfect.


Ferrari Does Its Part For Italian Earthquake Victims


SP12 EC: Eric Clapton’s Boxer Inspired 458 Ferrari

by Gunnar Heinrich ::: img Ferrari via Autoblog ::: Ferrari SP12 EC

COME si dice “Layla” in Italian? I think, simplicemente, Layla.

According to Autoblog, USA Today et al. Eric Clapton has taken receipt of one very special car – the SP12 EC – from Ferrari’s so-called “Special Projects” division.

You’re looking at a design based on the current framework of the magnificent 458 Italia but re-sculpted to include the best cues from the Farrah Fawcett of Ferraris – the Berlinetta Boxer.

The late ’70s Ferrari was called Boxer for its namesake flat-12 cylinder rear-mid-engine and among the many splendid details that the SP12 EC features from the Disco-era goddess is the egg-crate grille, contrast aluminum hood vents, graphite plastic skirting, and flying buttress c-pillars that flow smoothly into wide hips.  No word yet on whether the Italia’s V8 was swapped out for a twelve cylinder engine.

What price for this one-off (for shame!) masterpiece? Apparently $4.75 million or roughly two Bugatti Veyrons.

Incidentally, the name “Layla” has Persian origins meaning “dark beauty”.