Breckland Builds Vette For Cashed-Up Brits

By Steane Klose

THE U.K. is the undisputed refuge of the specialist sports car manufacturer.

Over the years we have seen extraordinary offerings from the likes of Caterham, Radical, Marcos and of course McLaren with their legendary F1. Arguably the most wonderfully bizarre of them all were the vehicles rolled out by TVR, whose founder Trevor Wilkinson has sadly just died at the age of 85.

TreVoR took three letters from his first name and combined them to name one of the world’s quirkier sports car manufacturers but the TVR story is one for another day.

It was a new(ish) U.K. based sports car manufacturer who hit the headlines this week and piqued my curiosity. Breckland Technology are not new to the world of performance cars, having rented their expertise to other low-volume producers including Mosler, however this week they unveiled the first sporty offering to wear the Breckland name, the Beira.

A United Kingdom Corvette?

Breckland like many low-volume producers are simply not in a position to develop their own platforms and engines and this is certainly the case with the Beira. Breckland have borrowed the General’s Kappa platform, the same one currently doing time under the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky and Opel GT and combined it with a 6.0-litre 400hp LS2 V8, backed by a Tremec six-speed transmission. Brakes and wheels are suitably large items.

The striking bodywork is a combination of steel and lightweight composite panels with the headlights and rear quarter panels being the only carry over bodywork items from the Opel GT donor car. All of that composite goodness sees the Beira weigh in at a lithe 1300kg, a result that sees the 0-60mph sprint dispatched in under five seconds.

Is any of this sounding vaguely familiar yet?

Mike Rawlings, the director of Breckland claims that the “Beira carries on from where the Marcos and TVR left off in terms of providing maximum performance for money spent and real individuality”.

Hmmm… a two door roadster with lightweight body work, an LS2 V8, Tremec six-speed cog-swapper and GM underpinnings. There are no two ways about it, this is a U.K. Corvette.

Or at least it could be if it wasn’t for the price. Currently only available in the U.K. it will take a hefty £55,000 to pry a Breira out of your local Breckland dealer’s clutches and I’d be wanting them to do something (anything) with that rather proboscis like gear shifter.

June 08, 2008

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